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AMA Journal of Ethics®

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Virtual Mentor. July 2014, Volume 16, Number 7.

Ethics Poll

Ethics in Sports Medicine

The Ethics Poll is a snapshot of the opinions of interested readers.

Which of the following do you think is the best approach for managing use of performance-enhancing substances (e.g., dietary supplements, hormones, steroids) in competitive sports?
Better detection of substance use and strict enforcement of prohibition of all such substances.
Allowing the use of such substances and leaving decisions about use to athletes and their trainers.
Legalizing medically supervised use of the substances.
Don’t know.

Given research findings about the cumulative and long-term effects on the brain of concussions incurred in contact sports, American football should be banned in high schools.
Don’t know.

Which of the following best describes what you think about bodies with the degree of muscularity shown in this image?

I think it looks attractive.
I do not find it attractive, but I respect the discipline and dedication it takes to achieve that level of muscularity.
I do not find it attractive, and think the discipline and dedication would have been better directed elsewhere.
I have no feelings about the image, one way or the other.

Poll results reflect the opinions of visitors to the site who voluntarily answer the poll questions. Those visitors do not represent a random sample of Virtual Mentor readers. The viewpoints expressed on this site are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the AMA.