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AMA Journal of Ethics®

Illuminating the art of medicine

Virtual Mentor Ethics Polls


December When physicians speak in other roles
November Hormones for the healthy
October Sexual history and STD screening
September Where do you stand on organ donation?
August Physician communication and error disclosure
July Access to medical care in the U.S.
June Training for family physicians
May Should religion be an integral part of medical care?
April Who's watching the doctor?
March When do adolescents count as people?
February Quality of life: who's to judge?


December How binding are clinical practice guidelines?
November Patients in clinical research
August Neurologic illness and ethical use of neuropharmacology
June Can others do the work of doctoring?
May Preparing to respond to acts of terrorism
April Physicians' unwritten contract with society
March Have you experienced patient endangerment or medical error?
February Toward a definition of medical paternalism
January Ethical limits to physician activism


December Teaching professionalism in medical school
November How healthy is your lifestyle?
October Tough ethical questions in psychiatry
September How do you react to stress?
August How should we fight adolescent obesity?
July Managing physicians' relationships with industry
June Defining the role of affirmative action
May Defining the role of prenatal genetic testing
April Direct-to-consumer advertising: a benefit or a harm?
March Resident physicians and moonlighting
February Reality trauma shows and medical dramas


October Athletes and Performance-Enhancing Drugs
September Use of Embryonic Stem Cells in Research
August Physicians' Duty to Inform Families about Genetic Risk
July AMA Policy and Capital Punishment
June Should Reality Trauma Shows Be Banned?
May Should Doctors Fudge on Insurance Forms to Help Patients?
April Should Doctors Ever Withhold Information from Patients?
March Practicing Procedures on the Newly Deceased for Training Purposes
February Canadian Age Limits for Organ Transplant Recipients
January The National Labor Relations Board Ruling on Residency


December Health Information on the Web
November Geographic Variations in the Use of Health Services
October Favorite TV and Horror Film Physicians
September Affirmative Action and Medical School Admissions