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AMA Journal of Ethics. December 2016, Volume 18, Number 12: 1165-1252.

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Ethics in Neuropsychology

Ethics Poll

Poll Question

Who should have access to emerging technologies that change or alter memories?

Find responses to this question in the Medicine and Society feature of the December 2016 issue [see additional Second Thoughts] of the AMA Journal of Ethics.

Content Question

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA) prevents insurer discrimination on the basis of "preexisting conditions." Does predictive neuroscience information about a condition like Alzheimer’s disease (AD), gathered before the onset of any symptoms, constitute a "preexisting condition"?

For an analysis of these and other ethical considerations relevant to new innovations in neuropsychology, see the December 2016 issue of the AMA Journal of Ethics.

From the Editor

Managing and Researching Neuropsychiatric Diseases in the Twenty-First Century
Jacquelyn Nestor
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Ethics Cases

Who Should Assess the Needs of and Care for a Dementia Patient’s Caregiver?
Commentary by Laura N. Gitlin and Nancy A. Hodgson
Full Text | PDF

Neuroethics and Disorders of Consciousness: Discerning Brain States in Clinical Practice and Research
Commentary by Joseph J. Fins
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The Limits and Possibilities of Biomedical Enhancement: An Interview with Dr. Allen Buchanan Listen

In the Literature

Advancing Ethical Neuroscience Research
B. Rashmi Borah, Nicolle K. Strand, and Kata L. Chillag
Full Text | PDF

State of the Art and Science

Locating Risk in the Adolescent Brain: Ethical Challenges in the Use of Biomarkers for Adolescent Health and Social Policy
Suparna Choudhury and Sheehan Moore
Full Text | PDF

Health Law

The Legal Implications of Detecting Alzheimer’s Disease Earlier
Joshua Preston, Jaleh McTeigue, Caitlin Opperman, Jordan Dean Scott Krieg, Mikaela Brandt-Fontaine, Alina Yasis, and Francis X. Shen
Full Text | PDF

Policy Forum

Promoting Access to School-Based Services for Children’s Mental Health
MaryKatherine Brueck
Full Text | PDF

Medicine and Society

Manipulating Memories: The Ethics of Yesterday’s Science Fiction and Today’s Reality
Julie M. Robillard and Judy Illes
Full Text | PDF

Images of Healing and Learning

Autism, Art, and Accessibility to Theater
Blythe A. Corbett
Full Text | PDF

Second Thoughts

Changing Memories: Between Ethics and Speculation
Eric Racine and William Affleck
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About the Contributors
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