Winning Essay of the 2022 John Conley Ethics Essay Contest

Nicolas Trad
Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts
According to Which Health Outcomes Measures Should Palliative Psychiatric Prognosis, Progress, and Success Be Defined?

Winning Artwork of the 2022 John Conley Art of Medicine Contest

Jamaljé R. Bassue
University of Oklahoma College of Medicine in Oklahoma City
Overcoming Pseudo-stoicism in Medicine

Past Winners and Honorable Mentions:

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2012Keeping Joey at the Center of the Conversation: Ethical Considerations in a Challenging Pediatric Case

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2010Social (Networking) Justice

2010Social Roles and Semi-Public Spaces on the Internet: The Case of Jason and Emily

2010Jason's Journal: Thoughts of an Ethically Conflicted Medical Student

2009Justice in Medicine: Conscience Must Not Undermine Patients' Autonomy and Access to Care

2009Applying the Concept of Judicious Dissent in Matters of Conscience 

2008First Do Not Punish: Individual Incentives in Health Policy

2008: Looking after Our Own: The Ethical Implications of Financial Penalties for Patients, Physicians, and Health

2008: Billing the Victim: The Retooling of Endemic Poverty as "Lifestyle Choice"

2008: To Praise or to Punish?: Promoting Healthy Behavior the Right Way

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2000: Making Mortal Decisions at the Beginning of Life: The Case of Impaired and Imperiled Infants

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