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Virtual Mentor. June 2004, Volume 6, Number 6.

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June 2004 Contents

The Ethics of Quality Care

Ethics Poll

It is possible for nonphysicians to offer a specific medical service which they have been certified to perform with the same quality of care as physicians who have studied and trained longer.

On balance, the restrictions on residents? work hours is:
A. better for patient care.
B. detracts from quality patient care.

What information do you think is valuable for patients to see on a physician profile or report card? Check all that apply:
Board certification(s)
Years in practice
Communications skills
Number of times a procedure has been done
Number of malpractice suits filed against a physician
Ratings from news media
Whether fees are higher than other physicians.

Does the physician have a role in advocating with patients for health care system cost control, eg avoiding unnecessary tests or advising pill splitting?

From the Editor

Improving the Quality of Health Care
Lisa M. Nijm
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Educating for Professionalism

Clinical Cases

When Resident Duty Hours and Patient Care Collide
Commentary by Michael Suk
Full Text

Splitting the Difference--Patient Preference versus Conservation of Resources
Commentary by Robert L. Phillips
Full Text

Unnecessary Tests and Ethics of Quality of Care
Commentary by G. Caleb Alexander
Full Text

Journal Discussion

Beyond Patient Safety to Optimal Health
Ted Clark
Full Text

Medical Education

Adding Continuous Quality Improvement to a Medical School Curriculum: Problems and Possibilities
Bruce E. Gould
Full Text

Clinical Pearl

Neuroimaging for Patients with Nonacute Headaches
Joni M. Clark
Full Text

Law, Policy, and Society

Health Law

Quality of Care Trumps Physicians' Property Rights
William L. Bruning
Full Text

Policy Forum

Scope of Practice--Twenty-First Century
Grant La Farge
Full Text

Patient Safety and Patients' Rights
Ross D. Silverman
Full Text

Medicine and Society

New Roles for Patients and Consumers in Assuring High Quality Care
Judith H. Hibbard
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Op-Ed and Correspondence


Physician Report Cards and Quality Improvement
VM interview with David B. Nash
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Suggested Readings and Resources
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Test Questions
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About the Contributors
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