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Virtual Mentor. December 2004, Volume 6, Number 12.

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December 2004 Contents

Standards of Care: An Ethical Examination

Ethics Poll

When should physicians or other health care professionals search for relevant clinical practice guidelines or evidence-based medicine in their practice?
In every case
When confronting an unusual case
When assessing cost and benefits
When an initial treatment plan has not produced the desired outcome

Should HIV testing be mandatory for pregnant women?

Cost effectiveness should always be addressed explicitly in statements of clinical practice guidelines.

Which of the following best explains why clinical practice guidelines do not apply to every clinical circumstance?
Medicine is more art than science.
Clinical practice guidelines do not take into account patient values.
The evidentiary base of clinical practice guidelines is often uncertain.

From the Editor

Ethics in Standards of Care: The Joy of Doctoring
Matt DeCamp
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Educating for Professionalism

Clinical Cases

A Fever of Unknown Source
Commentary by Francis Neelon, Robert H. Pantell and Timothy E. Quill
Full Text

Confusion over Cholesterol Testing
Commentary by Kenneth Goodman and Eta S. Berner
Full Text

Preoperative Screening: Medical or Legal Guidelines?
Commentary by Mark Tonelli and Erin Egan
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Journal Discussion

A New Process for Writing Clinical Guidelines
Brian Horvath
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Clinical Pearl

The Impact of Recent Clinical Trials on National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Treatment Panel III Guidelines
Niharika P. Bansal
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Law, Policy, and Society

Health Law

What Counts as Expert Medical Testimony?
Mollie E. O'Brien
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Policy Forum

Cost and Clinical Practice Guidelines: Can Two Wrongs Make It Right?
Ellen K. Hummel and Peter A. Ubel
Full Text

Achieving Diversity and Its Benefits in Clinical Research
Vivian W. Pinn
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Medicine and Society

Routine Prenatal HIV Testing as a Standard of Care
Getahun Aynalem, Peter Kerndt and Kellie Hawkins
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Op-Ed and Correspondence


Does Evidence-Based Medicine Offer Fair Benefits for All?
Wendy Rogers
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History, Art, and Narrative

History of Medicine

The Origins and Promise of Medical Standards Of Care*
Eleanor D. Kinney
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Suggested Readings and Resources
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Test Questions
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About the Contributors
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