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Virtual Mentor. April 2005, Volume 7, Number 4.

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April 2005 Contents

Professional Self-Regulation

Ethics Poll

If I saw a colleague cheating on an exam, I would:
Should there be a cap on how much money a patient can receive for noneconomic damages when suing a physician?
Should there be a system of 360-degrees evaluation in medical education training?
Do you think pharmaceutical marketing strategies have any effect--direct or indirect--on patient care?
My medical school has curriculum that discusses professional self-regulation in medicine.

The Ethics Poll is not a scientific or statistically significant poll. It is a snapshot of the opinions of interested readers.

From the Editor

The Privileges and Demands of Professional Self-Regulation
Anne Bertkau, Jaclyn Halpern and Sanjay Yadla
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Educating for Professionalism

Clinical Cases

A Case of Student Cheating
Commentary by Veronica Catanese and Paul Aronson
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Drinks During Lunch
Commentary by Jahan Fahimi
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Resident Work Hour Restrictions
Commentary by Mitchell Charap and Deirdre Coyle Masterton
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Board Certification as Prerequisite for Hospital Staff Privileges
Commentary by Joseph Lowy
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Journal Discussion

Self-Regulation and the Relationship of Physicians with the Pharmaceutical Industry
Justin M. Thomas
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Medical Education

Peer Feedback
Alison Kitay
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Clinical Pearl

Complications of Anticoagulation with Heparin
Mahesh Krishnamurthy and Michael L. Freedman
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Conley Essay Contest

"Trust Me. I'm a Doctor."
William Martinez
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Law, Policy, and Society

Health Law

Professional Oversight of Expert Testimony Austin v American Association of Neurological Surgeons
Alexis Wood
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Policy Forum

The Role of State Medical Boards
Drew Carlson and James N. Thompson
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Medicine and Society

Error in Medicine: The Role of the Morbidity and Mortality Conference
Vincent Liu
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Op-Ed and Correspondence


The Medical Profession and Self-Regulation: A Current Challenge
Sylvia R. Cruess and Richard L. Cruess
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The Malpractice Crisis
Frank C. Spencer
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History, Art, and Narrative

Medical Humanities

360-degrees: Medicine Should Come Full Circle in Peer Assessment
David Pryluck
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Suggested Readings and Resources

Test Questions
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About the Contributors
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