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AMA Journal of Ethics. January 2017, Volume 19, Number 1: 1-131.

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Human Trafficking and Medicine

Ethics Poll

Poll Question

From a health care perspective, what should be the legal status of commercial sex?

Find responses to this question in the Second Thoughts features of the January 2017 issue [see additional Second Thoughts] of the AMA Journal of Ethics.

Content Question

If a health care professional suspects that a patient could be a trafficking victim, under which circumstances is he or she ethically obliged to report?

For an analysis of these and other ethical considerations relevant to human trafficking and medicine, see the January 2017 issue of the AMA Journal of Ethics.

From the Editor

Exploring the Nature and Scope of Clinicians’ Obligations to Respond to Human Trafficking
Terri Davis
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Ethics Cases

Saving the Starfish: Physicians’ Roles in Responding to Human Rights Abuses in Global Health Practice
Commentary by Monir Moniruzzaman
Full Text | PDF

Physician Encounters with Human Trafficking: Legal Consequences and Ethical Considerations
Commentary by Jonathan Todres
Full Text | PDF

Human Trafficking, Mental Illness, and Addiction: Avoiding Diagnostic Overshadowing
Commentary by Hanni Stoklosa, Marti MacGibbon, and Joseph Stoklosa
Full Text | PDF

Taking Up the Mantle of Human Trafficking Education: Who Should Be Responsible?
Commentary by Carrie A. Bohnert, Aaron W. Calhoun, and Olivia F. Mittel
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Responding to Trafficked Persons in Health Care Settings: An Interview with Dr. Ranit Mishori Listen

The Code Says

The AMA Code of Medical Ethics’ Opinions Related to Human Trafficking
Danielle Hahn Chaet
Full Text | PDF

State of the Art and Science

Ethical Considerations in Mandatory Disclosure of Data Acquired While Caring for Human Trafficking Survivors
Patrick L. Kerr and Rachel Dash
Full Text | PDF

Policy Forum

Mandatory Reporting of Human Trafficking: Potential Benefits and Risks of Harm
Abigail English
Full Text | PDF

Who Is in Your Waiting Room? Health Care Professionals as Culturally Responsive and Trauma-Informed First Responders to Human Trafficking
Rochelle Rollins, Anna Gribble, Sharon E. Barrett, and Clydette Powell
Full Text | PDF

Medicine and Society

Human Trafficking in Areas of Conflict: Health Care Professionals’ Duty to Act
Christina Bloem, Rikki E. Morris, and Makini Chisolm-Straker
Full Text | PDF

Caring for the Trafficked Patient: Ethical Challenges and Recommendations for Health Care Professionals
Wendy L. Macias-Konstantopoulos
Full Text | PDF

Groupthink: How Should Clinicians Respond to Human Trafficking?
William Polk Cheshire, Jr.
Full Text | PDF

Images of Healing and Learning

Art Therapy Exhibitions: Exploitation or Advocacy?
Terri Davis
Full Text | PDF

Out of Darkness, Light: Drawing and Painting by Margeaux Gray
Artwork by Margeaux Gray, commentary and analysis by Mary Richards
Full Text | PDF

Second Thoughts

Should US Physicians Support the Decriminalization of Commercial Sex?
Emily F. Rothman
Full Text | PDF

Decreasing Human Trafficking through Sex Work Decriminalization
Erin Albright and Kate D’Adamo
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About the Contributors
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