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AMA Journal of Ethics. February 2017, Volume 19, Number 2: 133-217.

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Legitimacy and Authority in Medicine

Ethics Poll

Poll Question

A man whose wife has recently died appears depressed during a primary care appointment. How should his physician respond?

Find responses to this question in the Ethics Case feature of the February 2017 issue of the AMA Journal of Ethics.

How should physicians respond to inaccurate information spread by medical celebrities like Dr. Mehmet Oz?

Find a discussion of responses to this question in the Medicine and Society feature of the February 2017 issue of the AMA Journal of Ethics.

From the Editor

The Many Uses of Legitimacy in Medical Ethics
William R. Smith
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Ethics Cases

Polarities in Clinical Thinking and Practice
Commentary by John Z. Sadler
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How Should Therapeutic Decisions about Expensive Drugs Be Made in Imperfect Environments?
Commentary by Leonard M. Fleck and Marion Danis
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What to Do When There Aren’t Enough Beds in the PICU
Commentary by Michael A. Rubin and Robert D. Truog
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Who Should Ration?
Case and Commentary by Philip M. Rosoff
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What Are the Boundaries of Medicine and Who Decides? An Interview with Dr. James Mohr Listen

The Code Says

AMA Code of Ethics’ Opinions on Continued Knowledge Acquisition, Judgment, and Commitment to Innovation
Danielle Hahn Chaet
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State of the Art and Science

Reasonableness, Credibility, and Clinical Disagreement
Mary Jean Walker and Wendy A. Rogers
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Policy Forum

What Is the Relevance of Procedural Fairness to Making Determinations about Medical Evidence?
Govind Persad
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Seeking Legitimacy for DSM-5: The Bereavement Exception as an Example of Failed Process
James E. Sabin and Norman Daniels
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Medicine and Society

The Case of Dr. Oz: Ethics, Evidence, and Does Professional Self-Regulation Work?
Jon C. Tilburt, Megan Allyse, and Frederic W. Hafferty
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Second Thoughts

The Idea of Legitimate Authority in the Practice of Medicine
Arthur Isak Applbaum
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About the Contributors
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