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MayTrauma Surgery Ethics
April Ethical Considerations in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
MarchGlobal Reproductive Health Ethics in the 21st Century
FebruaryGraphic Medicine and Health Care Ethics
JanuaryClinicians’ Responsiveness to Violence


DecemberHealth Care Ethics and Professionalism in the Era of Climate Change
NovemberEthics of Collaborative Health Systems Design
OctoberSafe Water Access and the Roles of Clinician
SeptemberIncarceration and Correctional Health Care
AugustIatrogenesis in Pediatrics
JulyQuality of Life in Dementia
JuneMoral Distress and Medicine
MayEthics in Mental Health and Oncology
April Moral Psychology and "Difficult" Clinician-Patient Relationships
MarchLanguage and Hierarchy in Medicine
FebruaryLegitimacy and Authority in Medicine
JanuaryHuman Trafficking and Medicine


DecemberEthics in Neuropsychology
NovemberTransgender Health and Medicine
OctoberHealth Professionals with Disabilities
SeptemberEthics and Interprofessionalism in Medical Education
AugustEthics in Pathology
JulyEthics of International Health Systems Development
JuneEthics and Mental Health
MayClinical Ethics Consultation
April Disability, Ethics, and Medicine
MarchBed to Bench: Medicine and the Law
FebruaryLiver Transplant Ethics: From Donation to Allocation
JanuaryPromises and Challenges in Patient- and Family-Centered Care


December Clinical Research Ethics
NovemberHigh Value Care
OctoberPhysicians, Human Rights, and Civil Liberties
September Ethical Issues in Gynecological Oncology
August The Bottom Line: Profit Motive in American Medicine
July Patient Care in the ACA Era
JuneEthics in Rehabilitation Medicine
MayObserving Professional Boundaries
AprilEthics in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Autism
MarchEthical Questions in Anesthesiology
FebruaryThe Culture of Medicine
JanuaryIntervening in the Brain: Ethics and Neurosurgery


DecemberTelemedicine's Challenges for the Medical Profession
NovemberMedicine's Role in Validating Sexual Norms
OctoberEthics and Reproductive Care
SeptemberPhysicians as Agents of Social Change
AugustThe Humanities in Medical Education
JulyEthical Issues in the Physician-Athlete Relationship
JuneThe Intersection of Race, Ethnicity, and Medicine
MayEthical Issues in Geriatric Care
AprilThird Parties in the Clinical Encounter
MarchThe Problem of Mistreatment in Medical Education
FebruaryUnwarranted Variation in Health Care
JanuaryEthics and Assisted Reproductive Technology


DecemberMedicine's Role in the "Good Death"
NovemberPatient Consumerism
OctoberMental Health and the Law
SeptemberMotherhood and Medicine
AugustEthics in Cancer Prevention and Care
JulyIncentives and Motivation in Medical Care
JunePhysician Leadership and Team-Based Care
MayEthics of Pain Measurement and Management
AprilEffects of Lifestyle on Health Status
MarchConscience Rights and Responsibilities
FebruaryThe Hospital: Business and Public Service?
JanuaryEthical Issues in Evidence-Based Medicine


DecemberGetting into Medical School and Residency
NovemberImproving Allocation of Limited Resources
OctoberPediatric Critical Care and Emergency Medicine
AugustPersonalized Medicine
JulyThe Ethics of Shared Decision Making
JunePsychiatry in a Brave New World
MayWhen It's Not Your Patient
AprilForeignness in Medicine
MarchOrgan Transplantation
FebruaryEthical Issues in Family Planning
JanuaryVaccines and Ethics


DecemberThe Power of Diagnosis
NovemberHealth Reform and the Practicing Physician
OctoberDoctors after Hours: Physicians as Citizens
SeptemberFirst, Do No Harm
AugustCaring for the Underserved
JulyPhysician Authors
JuneComplementary and Alternative Therapies-Medicine's Response
MayThe Country Doctor
AprilThe "R" Word-Ethical Allocation of Medicine's Resources
MarchHealth Information Technology and Clinical Practice
FebruaryEthical Challenges in Community-Based Participatory Research
JanuaryEthics and the Role of Guidelines in Medical Practice


DecemberEthical Issues in Ophthalmology
NovemberGray Matters-Neuroethics in the Twenty-First Century
OctoberEthical Challenges in Modern Cardiovascular Medicine
SeptemberNatural Disasters, Quarantine, and Public Health Emergencies
AugustSexual Orientation, Gender Identification, and Patient Care
JulyPediatric Palliative Care
JuneTime and Resource Constraints in the Emergency Department
MayEthics in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
AprilMedical Ethics Confronts Obesity
MarchGlobal Health Ethics in Practice
FebruaryEthics and Innovation in Surgery
JanuaryNurses and the Medical Team