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Illuminating the art of medicine

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AMA Journal of Ethics®

Illuminating the art of medicine

Call for Art of Medicine

The AMA Journal of Ethics invites original submissions in any visual medium that explores ethical dimensions of health or healthcare.

Entry Instructions

Submissions must include the artistís name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and a 2- to 3-sentence biosketch on a cover page. Art objects may be submitted to the journal site.

Media Requirements

Images (photographs, graphics, cartoons, drawings, paintings) in jpg format are preferred (no larger than 450px wide x 300px height) and might be sized to fit per our design needs. Please include artistsí names on each image. If an image will lose clarity or readability due to resizing, it might be featured as a link to open in a new window on the journal site.

For live action or animated short films, acceptable video file formats (.mov, .wmv, .mpg, .mpeg, .mp4, or .avi) must be no more than 10 MB and 5 minutes long with minimum dimensions of 320 pixels wide by 240 pixels deep. Videos must be viewable in QuickTime or Windows. Multiple video files should be numbered in the order in which artists intend them to be viewed.

Within each submission, each art object must include a title and brief (no longer than 25 words) summary description that clarifies each art objectís connections to ethics.

Art objects must contain only de-identified information about patients, patientsí loved ones, or colleagues. Representations of all persons in artwork must be anonymized. Artists retain copyright of their original artwork and must grant permission for the work to be published in the AMA Journal of Ethics; this permission must be given by signature for unrestricted use in all versions of the AMA Journal of Ethics.