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AMA Journal of Ethics®

Illuminating the art of medicine

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April Ethical Considerations in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
March Global Reproductive Health Ethics in the 21st Century
February Graphic Medicine and Health Care Ethics
January Clinicians’ Responsiveness to Violence


December Health Care Ethics and Professionalism in the Era of Climate Change
November Ethics of Collaborative Health Systems Design
October Safe Water Access and the Roles of Clinician
September Incarceration and Correctional Health Care
August Iatrogenesis in Pediatrics
July Quality of Life in Dementia
June Moral Distress and Medicine
May Ethics in Mental Health and Oncology
April Moral Psychology and “Difficult” Clinician-Patient Relationships
March Language and Hierarchy in Medicine
February Legitimacy and Authority in Medicine
January Human Trafficking and Medicine


December Ethics in Neuropsychology
November Transgender Health and Medicine
October Health Professionals with Disabilities
September Ethics and Interprofessionalism in Medical Education
August Ethics in Pathology
July Ethics of International Health Systems Development
June Ethics and Mental Health
May Clinical Ethics Consultations
April Disability, Ethics, and Medicine
March Bed to Bench: Medicine and the Law
February Liver Transplant Ethics: From Donation to Allocation
January Patient- and Family-Centered Care


December Clinical Research Ethics
November The Cost of Medical Care
October Physicians, Dual Loyalties, and Government Responsibility
September Cancer and Cancer Prevention in Women
August Medicine in the Marketplace
July Understanding the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
June Difficult Decision in Rehab Medicine
May Boundary Crossings and Violations
April What Is Autism?
March Anesthesiology Today
February Physician Conduct and the Culture of Medicine
January It Is Brain Surgery


December Doctors at a Distance
November Physicians and Sex
October Getting the Baby You Want
September Physician Advocacy
August Choosing and Training Future Physicians
July Ethics in Sports Medicine
June Does Race Matter in Medicine?
May Are You Ready To Be an Older Patient?
April The Physician-Drug Company-Government-Patient Relationship
March Mistreatment of Those in Training
February Regional Differences in the Use of Health Services
January Assisting in Reproduction


December End-of-Life Care
November The Patient as Health Care Consumer
October Mental Illness and Crime: Drawing the Line
September Mothering
August Living with Cancer
July Doctors’ Pay
June Team-Based Medical Care
May It's a Pain!
April You Telling Me What I Can Eat?
March Conscience Claims and Physicians
February Hospital Business
January Statistical Evidence and Medical Decision Making


December Who Gets To Be a Doctor
November Paying for Our Medical Care
October Special Care for Minors
September So That's Confidentiality
August It's Your Genome
July Can Patients Really Share in Decision Making?
June Advances in Psychiatry and Neuroscience
May As a Patient
April The "Foreign" in Illness and Medicine
March Organ Allocation
February Reproductive Rights and Choices
January Vaccination


December Are Americans "Medicalizing" Being Alive?
November Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
October Trusting the Doctor, Trusting the Person
September Patient Safety and Medical Error
August Is Charity Care the Answer?
July When Physicians Write
June The Appeal of Alternative Therapy
May The Good Ol’ GP
April Putting a Price on Life
March Off the Record
February Community Membership and Community-Based Researchers
January Population-Based Evidence and the Individual Patient


December Caring for Your Eyes
November Gray Matters—Neuroethics in the Twenty-First Century
October The Number One Killer of Adults in the U.S.
September Disaster Relief and Media Coverage
August Sexuality and Your Physician
July Children and Dying
June The Real ER
May What Do You Think about Elective Plastic Surgery?
April Your Weight: Is It Everybody’s Business?
March Global Health Education and Ethics
February What Do You Want to Know about Your Surgery?
January Nursing People


December What People Know about HIV
November Educating Physicians: What Counts and What Doesn't?
October Should Church and Medicine Be Separate?
September How Much Do You Want to Know?
August Respecting Autonomy
July Transporting Drugs and Germs
June How Green is Health Care?
May Medicine and the Marketplace
April About Clinical Research Dollars and Results
March The Health of the Patient-Physician Relationship
February How Prevalent Are Violence and Abuse in Our Society?
January Homelessness in the United States


December Hospitalists Find Room in the House of Medicine
November Does Prevention Have Limits?
October Resuscitation and Treatment Decisions in the NICU
September How Much Do You Think about Sleeping?
August How Well Informed Are Your Medical Decisions?
July Sex and Gender in Medical Care
June Taking the Best Care of Our Senior Citizens
May What's Wrong with Health Care Delivery?
April Immigrants and Medical Care
March How Do You Define Personhood?
February Caring for the Incarcerated Patient
January Ethical Issues in Diagnosing and Treating Addiction


December Physicians' relationship to patients and the state
November Questions in diagnostic radiology
October Doctors and the military
September Accountability of pregnant women and gamete donors to offspring
August Intercultural patient-physician communication
July What patients have a right to expect from physicians
June Drawing the line between treatment and enhancement
May The influence of Roman Catholic medical institutions
April Boundaries of professional conduct
March Media sources of medical knowledge
February Medical technology: more or less?
January The cost of cancer treatment--and smoking


December Volunteering abroad: altruism or tourism?
November Do you have a medical home?
October Medical decision making by parents: limited or unlimited?
September Doing what's best at the end of life
August Dermatology gets under people's skin
July Women, warmth, and emotional intelligence in medicine
June Creating demand for prescription drugs
May Your doctor's personal values
April Medicine in epidemics: Should the rules change?
March Controlling the cost of medical care
February Sources of medical expertise
January Asymptomatic screening: Is it asking for trouble?