The AMA Journal of Ethics is peer-reviewed and exists to help students and health care professionals navigate ethical decisions in service to patients and society. The journal publishes cases and expert commentary, medical education articles, policy discussions, peer-reviewed articles for journal-based and audio continuing education, visuals, and more. Since its inception as an editorially-independent journal, we promote ethics inquiry as a public good. All content is free (no fees to read, listen, or contribute) for all (no subscription or publication fees) and available to everyone in perpetuity. Numerous publicity efforts reiterate the importance of contributors’ content, long after publication. The journal averages more than 350,000 visits per month from across the world and content can be searched by ACGME core competency area, clinical specialty, article type, or by topic.

Editorial Fellows and Senior Editorial Fellows

US medical students, resident physicians or fellows are selected annually by a competitive process to become Editorial Fellows. Those interested in working with us as Senior Editorial Fellows are invited to send us a proposal.

Manuscript Submission

In addition to solicited articles for monthly themes issues, the AMA Journal of Ethics accepts unsolicited manuscripts for peer review consideration through our online manuscript submission and review system. Submit a manuscript.

Editorial Independence

Published by the American Medical Association, the AMA Journal of Ethics maintains editorial independence as defined by the World Association of Medical Editors. This means that the journal's editor in chief has full authority over its content. In support of the journal's editorial independence, the AMA Journal of Ethics' editorial board members are recognized leaders in medical education, law and medicine, philosophy and ethics, and ethics policy making at the national level.

We’re Glad You Asked!

The AMA Journal of Ethics, the AMA Code of Medical Ethics, and JAMA Network journals are all published by the AMA. Key distinctions among these three intellectual assets of the AMA are the following: the AMA Journal of Ethics is not a JAMA Network journal and the AMA Code of Medical Ethics is AMA policy. The AMA Journal of Ethics is editorially independent from the AMA.