From the Editor
Nov 2000

Version 2.0 of the Virtual Mentor

Audiey Kao, MD, PhD
Virtual Mentor. 2000;2(11):103. doi: 10.1001/virtualmentor.2000.2.11.fred2-0011.


Welcome to version 2.0 of the Virtual Mentor. In addition to the new look and feel of the web site, we have introduced several new content areas to those from Virtual Mentor 1.0.  We hope you enjoy this newest version and find it to be a helpful educational resource.

Produced by the Ethics Resource Center at the American Medical Association, the Virtual Mentor is an interactive, Web-based forum for analysis and discussion of ethical and professional issues that medical students, residents and young physicians encounter during their educational training. The Virtual Mentor content areas are designed to inform, awaken, and energize students and young medical professionals to engage in a learning dialogue with experts in medicine, law, humanities, and bioethics.

The owl, the Virtual Mentor's symbol, was chosen as much for its exceptional vision in dim light as for its characteristic knowing stare. The ability to discriminate within areas shaded in gray is especially useful when perusing the field and branches of ethics. Since owls, like humans, see 3-dimensionally, they are a reminder that a focused perspective lies behind that stare.

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Virtual Mentor. 2000;2(11):103.



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