The AMA Journal of Ethics is an online, open-access, advertisement-free, MEDLINE-indexed journal dedicated to exploration and analysis of ethical and professional issues in medicine and health care for practitioners, students and trainees, and educators. Our editorial preference is for articles that offer practical advice and insight into scientific and social developments and policies that have ethical implications for medicine.

What kinds of manuscripts does the AMA Journal of Ethics review?

The AMA Journal of Ethics invites manuscripts for peer-review consideration that are original contributions on bioethics topics. Submitted manuscripts should be one of those types listed on the Instructions for Authors page.

Manuscripts submitted to the AMA Journal of Ethics for peer-review consideration will be reviewed and assessed according to the following criteria:

  1. Does the manuscript offer an innovative exploration of an interesting and important issue of ethical complexity that is of interest to clinicians, clinicians-in-training, or educators interested in bioethics?
  2. If so, the managing editor assigns peer reviewers to read the manuscript, to advise the managing editor about the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses, and to advise authors about potential next steps in the manuscript’s development.

The AMA Journal of Ethics also solicits manuscripts for inclusion in specific theme issues. These contributions are not peer reviewed but do undergo several rounds of editorial review, including, when appropriate, expert technical review.

What are the criteria for publication consideration?

Submitted manuscripts must not have been previously published by or be under review by another print or online journal or source. Manuscripts must be submitted as Microsoft Word documents and images as JPEG files. Manuscripts not meeting the criteria listed below and in the manuscript submission instructions will be sent back to authors.

What are the relevant policies for editors and authors?

Authors are responsible for the accuracy of ethical and empirical claims made in the content of their work, including those revised during editing.

The AMA Journal of Ethics editor-in-chief and managing editor make final decisions about manuscripts’ content; authors make final decisions about whether the AMA Journal of Ethics has permission to publish their work, which is granted by handwritten signature, scanned image of a handwritten signature, or a validated e-signature.

Authors’ permission to publish requires each author’s separate (one author per form) confirmation of authorship and originality and transfer of copyright to the AMA. Authors retain rights to circulate or link to their work online.

Authors must disclose any conflicts of interest, financial or professional, related to the content of their manuscript in an acknowledgement section included on the manuscript’s final page.

Manuscript titles, ordering of articles within each issue of the AMA Journal of Ethics, and placement of articles on the AMA Journal of Ethics website are determined by the editorial staff.