Art of Medicine
Jun 2015

Multifaceted Nexus

Kyle T. Amber, MD
AMA J Ethics. 2015;17(6):575. doi: 10.1001/journalofethics.2015.17.6.imhl1-1506.


This issue of the AMA Journal of Ethics examines numerous ethical issues in rehabilitation medicine. Good ethical analysis is not based merely on polarized views but considers all possible views between the extremes. In this image, the framing structures created by multiple angles of a single knee radiograph illustrate the dynamic and flexible nature of the joint itself. These framing structures, reproduced in different colors in the center, represent two polarized perspectives. The overlaid vibrant colors force the viewer to consider the composite image rather than focusing on either of the two color-contrasted sets of structures. In combination, the structures in Multifaceted Nexus depict not only the dynamic nature of the objects in question, but also how single views of an object (or subject) can distort the true clinical and ethical picture.

Figure. Multi-faceted Nexus

Multifaceted Nexus



AMA J Ethics. 2015;17(6):575.



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