Art of Medicine
May 2017

They Are People First, Then Patients

Mónica Lalanda, MD, MSc, Eva Gracia-Peligero, MD, and Maria Teresa Delgado-Marroquín, MD, PhD
AMA J Ethics. 2017;19(5):508-509. doi: 10.1001/journalofethics.2017.19.5.imhl2-1705.

Figure. They Are People First, Then Patients

They Are People First, Then Patients


Working in a health care environment, it’s easy to forget that patients are not just patients but people who have become ill. When we are short of time, tired or just careless, we may fail to care for patients’ dignity. This is a poster that uses humor and simple cartoons to convey powerful messages to anyone who deals with patients, from porters to doctors. Everyone needs to be involved to make the experience more humane. This poster is based on a document created by the Medical Ethics Committee in Sector III, Zaragoza (Spain).


AMA J Ethics. 2017;19(5):508-509.




Members of the Comité de Ética Asistencial del Sector Zaragoza III (CEA ZSIII): M Yolanda Ariza Martín; M Jesús Ballestín Miguel; Carlota Canet Fajas; Ángeles Echave Esteban; M Teresa Delgado-Marroquín; Sandra Freire Díaz; Miguel Angel Fuertes Palacio; Nieves Galán Cerrato; Olga Gasca Andreu; Rafael González de Agüero Laborda; Eva Gracia Peligero; Trinidad Hermosilla Cabreirzo; Jesús Labar Alcubierre; Eva Lamote de Grignon Alfonso; Miguel Lorente López; Bárbara Marco Gómez; Andrés Martín Gracia; Julián Mozota Duarte; M Isabel Ocón Andrés; Visitación Palormero Llovera; Miguel Angel Quintanilla López; Yolanda Ruiz Borau Sanz; Cristina Sarasa Bellosta; Alejandro Tres Sánchez; Pablo Vela Condón; José Manuel Vitoria Ágreda.

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