Author Interview: “Why Disability Must Be Included in Medical School Diversification Efforts”


Dr Dorothy W. Tolchin joins Ethics Talk to discuss her article, coauthored with Nicole D. Agaronnik, Shahin A. Saberi, and Dr Michael Ashley Stein: “Why Disability Must Be Included in Medical School Diversification Efforts” 

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Dorothy W. Tolchin, MD, EdM is an instructor in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM & R), part-time, at Harvard Medical School (HMS) and the director of medical student education for the HMS Department of PM & R. Dr Tolchin is also the faculty advisor for the HMS Disabilities in Medicine and Dentistry Working Group and the faculty advisor for the student identity group HMS Allies in Chronic Illness, Health Conditions, and Disabilities. Dr Tolchin’s disability work focuses on curriculum development, advocacy, and student advising. 

Recorded October 21, 2021.


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