Case and Commentary
Jan 2005

All in the Family, Option Comparison

Jennifer Reenan, MD
Virtual Mentor. 2005;7(1):111-116. doi: 10.1001/virtualmentor.2005.7.1.ccas19b-0501.


It is in the best interests of both patients and physicians to avoid having a family member act as the primary physician. Although this may be necessary at times, it should be avoided whenever possible. Accordingly, it is acceptable for Dr. Green to refuse to write the prescription for her brother (option D). Because this is short-term, however, and the failure to fill the prescription has significant risks, option B is also acceptable. Option C (consulting the staff psychiatrist) is preferable to both options B and D because it provides Michael with an alternative means of procuring the refill. Finally, option A, taking on the responsibility of writing Michael's prescription for the foreseeable future, should be avoided.

Preferable: Option C

Acceptable: Options B and D

Avoid: Option A

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Virtual Mentor. 2005;7(1):111-116.



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