Medicine and Society
Feb 2002

Medical Oaths and Codes of Ethics

Audiey Kao, MD, PhD
Virtual Mentor. 2002;4(2):40. doi: 10.1001/virtualmentor.2002.4.2.medu1-0202.


With the aim of encouraging greater understanding of the importance of medical oaths and codes of ethics, we offer our readers who are teachers of medicine a PowerPoint® presentation that can be easily adapted for medical students, residents, and other physician audiences. This presentation provides a brief historical overview of medical oaths. Through the use of ethical scenarios, the presentation also highlights how the AMA's Code of Medical Ethics can provide valuable guidance to students and physicians who confront challenging issues in medicine.

Shaping Professionalism: Medical Oaths and Codes of Ethics [PowerPoint® presentation]

Editor's Note

This presentation can be used for educational, non-commercial purposes without explicit permission from the AMA provided the AMA is acknowledged during the presentation and on all written materials. To do so, download the PowerPoint® presentation and save it to your desktop or a diskette.


Virtual Mentor. 2002;4(2):40.



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