Personal Narrative
Jul 2002

Through the Student's Eyes: On Pimping

Marc Libman
Virtual Mentor. 2002;4(7): doi: 10.1001/virtualmentor.2002.4.7.prsp2-0207.


I don't know.
Hmm… No, I don't know.
Don't know.

little stabbing hints…

…flop sweat.

Feeling their eyes boring into the back of my skull,
My ignorance bolstering their also battered egos.

I don't know.

The indignity. Four years my junior but R1 to my cc3.

OK, my turn:

How old was Mendelssohn when he composed A Midsummer Night's Dream?

What was Harpo's real name?
List for me the signs of an Auspicious Buddha?
What's my favorite color?

"You're lucky you make me laugh, Libman.

you'd be


Virtual Mentor. 2002;4(7):



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