Art of Medicine
Nov 2023

Rest Is the First Casualty of Constant Messaging

Kathleen Wong
AMA J Ethics. 2023;25(11):E841-842. doi: 10.1001/amajethics.2023.841.


This drawing considers how sources of patient demand are also sources of light pollution in a room in which a clinician tries, in vain, to rest.

Figure. Lit, Unread, Unrested



Hand drawn, colored on digital medium with iPad app Ibispaint X.



This comic considers intersections between patients’ internet-based access to their health and health care information and clinicians’ duties to respond to online prompts and messages from patients. For instance, instead of visiting in person, a patient might ask a question or raise a concern—even about potentially life-threatening conditions that might demand immediate attention—via health care organizations’ online messaging applications. Sources of light in the comic suggest this demand and its corresponding burden on clinicians.


AMA J Ethics. 2023;25(11):E841-842.



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